King Bros. Limited

Quality service as Customs Brokers and Ship's Agents in Victoria since 1911.

Importing Personal Goods

As an independent brokerage company, King Bros. Limited has the ability to provide customs clearance for personal goods. We believe in providing a complete spectrum of services, and we know that importers of personal goods often face many obstacles and prohibitive costs. Whether it is furniture, a piece of art, or holiday purchases that just won’t fit in your suitcase, we can assist with clearance and forwarding anywhere in Canada.

Living on an Island, even a big one, can still sometimes present shipping challenges. Industry partners, Seawings Express, operate a warehouse in Blaine, WA, and with many companies in the United States offering free domestic shipping, why not consider having your personal (or commercial) goods shipped here. Seawings offers daily service from Blaine to the Victoria airport, and we can then customs clear your goods for pick up or delivery. Please visit Seawings’ website here for more details.

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About King Brothers

King Bros. Limited has been offering quality service as Customs Brokers and Ship's Agents in Victoria since 1911. We maintain the only Customs Brokerage office in Victoria and are able to arrange clearance of your goods at any port in Canada.


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