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The winds of change…

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Change is a constant, it is mutable, and it is indomitable. It effects everyone, and everything, so let’s talk about change…

As a company, King Bros. Limited, has been operating for over 100 years, and during that time we have had to embrace change to remain current with the business standards of the day. It is this need to stay relevant that has precipitated the latest changes within our company.

Technology is the most obvious driver of change in the modern workplace. Communication has evolved dramatically over the last 30 or so years, morphing from the most rudimentary of fax machines occupying entire corners of offices to instant connection via the internet, cellular networks, and wifi. Most of us would agree that it takes a significant amount of effort and knowledge just to be able to stay current with the pace of change that surrounds us.

CBSA, the Canada Border Services Agency, is just as committed to change to stay on par with other global customs agencies, and to provide the best service to Canadian importers and exporters. The agency has embraced EDI technology, and continues to engage the brokerage community, and other stakeholders to ensure that the new technology and the procedures surrounding its use are effective, efficient, and intelligent.

As CBSA introduces new technology and processes it is incumbent upon the Customs Brokerage community to do likewise, and we at King Bros. are doing just that. This new website of ours aims to better inform and service our clients. It is a portal through which information can be shared between broker and customer, and as we complete our improvements we will expand those services to which our customers have access.

Our new brokerage software and connection with CBSA will allow us to work more efficiently on your behalf, and to be able to adapt to the constant flow of change emanating from Ottawa. Our new accounting programme will ultimately allow you to view the details of your account, to analyze the metrics of your importing history, and to receive and pay invoices on line.

Change can be frightening. It can be intimidating. Many people and businesses delay change for these and other reasons. It would be disingenuous of us at King Bros. to say that we haven’t delayed and deferred the need for change, but we have taken that leap into the future, and we are excited by what lies ahead.

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