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Vehicle Importation

Importing a vehicle into Canada is a popular topic today as people look across the border for specific makes and models, and often lower sticker prices. This can be a great way to find the car of your choice, and potentially save a few dollars in the process, but there are specific regulations and requirements that must be followed in order to avoid disappointment at the border.

King Bros. Limited has extensive experience assisting clients with importations of personal vehicles, RVs, and trailers, not to mention motorcycles, boats, and aircraft!

Below is a brief summary of the steps involved to import a vehicle. This should be considered a starting point only, and it is recommended that you contact our brokerage department for complete details.

  • Visit the Transport Canada Registrar of Imported Vehicles website at: to determine if your intended vehicle is admissible, and to acquaint yourself with the necessary steps.
  • King Bros. Limited can submit the completed 72 hour Vehicle Export Notification to US CBP on your behalf, as well as assist with the new AES export filing requirements. (Please see the box below for access to these documents).
  • We will create the Form 1, however the importer must make the on-line payment, and submit the recall clearance document.
  • We remit the duty, any excise tax, and the GST on your behalf. You are responsible for paying the PST directly to the provincial licensing authority.

As you can see on the RIV website, the steps involved are numerous, and they can seem quite daunting. While some people choose to proceed on their own, many more choose the services of a broker to simplify the process.

Government agencies love forms, and the US Bureau of the Census is no exception. This is the agency that monitors vehicle exports, and their required forms are available below. King Bros. Limited has partnered with our friends at Pacific Customs Brokers to make these forms accessible on our website. You may print, complete and sign these documents, return them to us via email or fax, and we can submit them on your behalf.

Customs Power of Attorney United States Principal Party In Interest or Foreign Principal Party of Interest

Request for Information United States Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) or Foreign Principal Party in Interest (FPPI) for single AES Export Filing

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Vehicle Export Information Sheet

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